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Consulting Services & Farm Visits 
Mountain States Consulting, Inc. Services
Herd Performance  & Monitoring
Technology Support
Nutritional consulting is offered on farm or from our office which may include supporting literature and research information. Rations are formulated using the Dalex Livestock Solutions, LLC balancing software utilizing an extensive data base of actual tested ingredients, rather than book values. Forage sampling and analysis are part of our service program. With weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits, services include walking cows, visiting with owner(s), manager(s) and feeders. MSC encourages open and direct dialog to meet the goals and objectives for your entire dairy enterprise; in addition to solving and finding solutions to your herds challenges.
$ No Extra Charge
At Mountain States Consulting, we provide our client's high quality personalized services for their unique needs. Industry support members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Our fee includes a variety of services:
Monthly detailed herd performance review and monitoring, including bench-marking against peers (and nationally) while using SnapShot and HerdView record analysis.
$ No Extra Charge
Mountain States Consulting has partnered with industry leaders offering cutting-edge technology to our clients providing the best solutions for their entire dairy enterprise. From seed to feed to milk, Mountain States Consulting is focused on herd health, productivity and financial success. 
$ Additional costs may apply
Herd Audits
Yearly or bi-annual herd audits with team members - this may include other consultants, veterinarians, crop specialists and financial advisors, etc. 
$ Additional costs may apply
Financial Services
Mountain States Consulting offers cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L experience. Detailed reports, expansion projections and modeling, however, are offered thru Dairy Enterprise Services.  
$ Additional costs may apply
Vet services and support are offered thru various area veterinarians.
$ Additional costs may apply
Mountain States Consulting offers more than 20 years of experience in calf and replacement development. Focused on health and growth of the replacement herd, MSC considers this portion of the dairy enterprise a key element and an investment to our client's future success. 
$ No Extra Charge
Calf Care Support
Veterinary Services
Forage Testing & Sampling
Mountain States Consulting is focused on high quality forages and considers them paramount to herd health, performance and financial success. MSC works closely with several independent laboratories to supply forage analysis to deliver accurate ration solutions.  
$ No Extra Charge