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Will VanNostran,  President & CEO
BS Agriculture;  Major Dairy Science  
                          Minor Ag. Business  
The Ohio State University, 1989

Certified American Registry of Professional Animal Scientist (ARPAS) since 1995

28 years field consulting experience

Dairy family background from Ohio

Research Papers & Presentations:
​     -  Hay & Forage Grower, "Rapid Test Targets Starch Digestibility
          September 2012, page 36
     -  SFP Yield Signs, "Monitoring Nitrate Levels In Drought Stressed Forages"
     -  RFD TV Appearance; SFP Live; "Improving Your Forage from the Ground Up"
          January 30, 2012
     - "Ration technology helps achieve cow health, feed efficiency" for Progressive Dairyman
          Issue 15, October 12, 2011 
     - RFD TV Telecom appearance; SFP Live; "Quality Forage Starts with Quality Nutrition"
          March 21, 2011
     - "VFA Production & Utilization in the Ruminant"
     - "Milk Synthesis and Production"
     - "A Complete Economic Review of a Dairy Operation"
     - MP Model Presentation; "Metabolized Protein Model"
     - Forage Presentation; "The Three R's for High Quality Forage"
     - Calibrate Presentation; "Optimum Starch & Carbohydrate Levels in the Rumen"
     - Texas Ag Industries Presentation; "Understanding of the Unique Feed & 
          Forage Requirements of a Dairy Operation"

About Mountain States Consulting, Inc.

​Mountain States Consulting, located in Clovis, New Mexico, offers nutritional counsel to dairymen backed by World-Class customer service. Focused on cow health and longevity, our approach to ration formulation is based on forage and forage quality. MSC strongly believes high quality forage is paramount for both herd and producer success. MSC offers a broad knowledge base not only in Nutritional Counsel, but additionally offers knowledge support in forage production and procurement.

MSC utilizes a Starch and Forage Fiber monitoring service from Calibrate Technologies. The service monitors the actual rumen degradable starch(RDS) and rumen un-degradable fiber(RUNDF). By monitoring these rumen parameters, the service aids in reducing and eliminating SARA (sub-acute ruminal acidosis) promoting both a healthier and more productive herd. 

Mountain States Consulting is family-owned and operates from Clovis, NM. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services offer cutting 
edge technologies that come with a personal touch. 

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